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      October 2017 | Volume 41
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Raising a Teacher's Awareness About LD
and ADHD - Parents as Educators


Educating teachers about various disabilities and their impact on a child's learning can be a challenging task for most parents, requiring much time, energy, persistence, and patience. So how can parents educate teachers in a way that will promote a collaborative working relationship?

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4 Easy Pieces to Getting Organized for School

4 Easy Pieces to Getting Organized for School

Is difficulty staying organized affecting your child's academic success? You're not alone. Many students with ADHD struggle to create and maintain neatness. Here are four easy-to-implement strategies that can make a big difference this school year.
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Building Capacity for Family, School, and Community Engagement

Building Capacity for Family, School, and Community Engagement

Research over the past 30 years has shown that engaging families in their children's education increases student achievement and decreases dropout rates. This webinar series is an opportunity to learn about family, school, and community, engagement research, best practices from the field, and new innovations that are making a difference in school improvement and learning.
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Tips and a Tool to Ease Back to School Anxiety

Getting Started: Exploring Assistive Technology (AT) With Your Teen or Young Adult

Assistive technology (AT) helps teens and young adults work and study in a more personalized way. The process of discovering and experimenting with AT is often referred to as trying assistive technology. This guide will help you work with your teen and supporting professional to discover which technologies work best.
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