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The AUCD PROMISE TA Center conducts webinars on a bi-monthly basis. Webinars on recruitment, service provision, family engagement, transportation, and other timely topics are archived here for reference and for new staff to access. View these webinars at any time at your convenience.

If you have any questions, comments or problems with any of the archived webinars, please contact PROMISETACenter@aucd.org.

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July 9, 2015 - 03:00PM


Serena Lowe


  1. Welcome
  2. Updates from OSEP - Corinne
  3. Overview of the Workforce Opportunity and Innovation Act (WIOA)
  4. Facilitated Discussion about WIOA
  5. Updates from the TA Center
  6. Evaluation Survey

Topic(s): Self-Determination, Transition Services, Youth/ Adult Learning, Employment

Type of Resources: Webinar

Debra Hart
Meg Grigal
Mari Guillermo
Richard Rosenberg
Linda O'Neal
Fred McFarlane

This webinar was part three of a five-part series on the transition to employment for youth receiving SSI, hosted by Mathematica and sponsored by the Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor. It highlights education interventions that engage students, families, and professionals and promote the seamless transition from school to work. Attendees will learn about models that engage students in career and work experiences that lead to competitive, integrated employment. Think College will share strategies and lessons learned on inclusive postsecondary options that prepare youth with disabilities for careers. CaPROMISE will showcase its secondary education intervention and the impact of the intervention on education outcomes for youth receiving SSI. Click here to watch/listen to the webinar. Speakers: Debra Hart, ICI, UMASS-Boston
Meg Grigal, ICI, UMASS-Boston

Mari Guillermo, CA PROMISE
Richard Rosenberg, CA PROMISE Linda O'Neal, CA PROMISE Fred McFarlane, CA PROMISE

Topic(s): Benefits Counseling/ Financial Planning, Family Engagement, Self-Determination, SSI/ SSDI, Transition Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment

Type of Resources: Webinar

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