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The PROMISE Model Demonstration Projects were created to facilitate a positive impact on long-term employment and educational outcomes by reducing reliance on SSI, providing better outcomes for adults, and improved service delivery by states for youth and families receiving SSI. Below is a compilation of highlights from each of these projects showcasing how youth have developed and worked towards educational and employment goals through PROMISE, and lessons learned from the project.


Posted on 05/15/2018

ASPIRE Newsletter

Project: ASPIRE

ASPIRE puts out a monthly newsletter, enabling readers to follow along with the project and its progress. THe newsletter includes a letter from their Project Director, Carol Rudell, that includes general information and brief updates on ASPIRE, useful tidbits of information around transition, and reflections on her own youth employment experiences. The newsletter also includes updates from each of the six states that comprise ASPIRE (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and UTAH). These updates include a variety of information from the programs, including success stories, helpful tips for youth on employment and similar topics, and upcoming events.

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Posted on 05/15/2018

Destination Independence: What Families Can Do

Project: Wisconsin PROMISE

Young people who have paid work experiences while still in high school have a better chance of being employed as an adult. Having a job while still in high school teaches youth about time management, following directions, and developing a work ethic. This infographic identifies ways families can support their teen in exploring their full work potential and how Promise can help provide tools along the way.

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Posted on 05/07/2018

New York State PROMISE Podcasts

Project: New York State PROMISE

A great way to learn about PROMISE is through New York State (NYS) PROMISE’s podcasts. They’re short at three to four minutes each and you can watch them as videos with captioning or read the transcripts at www.nyspromise.org/podcasts. Many of the episodes are also available to listen to in iTunes under ‘NYS PROMISE Podcast’. The podcasts cover a variety of topics, including the impact of PROMISE in NYS, the benefits of learning life skills and work experience for youth, mini-tutorials on life skills and other similar topics, and spotlights on PROMISE youth and staff.

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