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Recruiting and Retaining Young Participants: Strategies from Five Years of Field Research


This article discusses the challenges inherent in conducting field research with young participants. Based on a series of three studies with children ranging in age from 7-17 as examples, this article contains descriptions of participant recruitment approaches and challenges.

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Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Participants in Prevention Programs

Recruiting and retaining youth and families in prevention programs can sometimes be difficult. Some of these obstacles and strategies have greater relevance for audiences from particular cultural backgrounds, social classes , or graphic locations, but the majority of them are appropriate across populations and communities.

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Participants Recruitment for Research

Participant recruitment is a major challenge in many research studies involving human subjects. Despite the widely acknowledged fact that recruitment is a challenge, details about recruitment efforts and outcomes are rarely published, resulting in limited knowledge about why recruitment rates vary between studies and what the most successful approaches are for recruiting study participants.

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Points to Consider about Recruitment and Retention while Preparing a Clinical Research Study

The following "points to consider" are meant to serve as a resource as investigators plan a clinical research study and an NIMH grant application. These "points" outline common issues that can impact clinical recruitment and retention, and where applicable, strategies and suggested to address these issues.

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