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Opening Doors to Employment

Opening Doors to Employment

All students deserve to graduate from high school feeling hopeful about their future and ready for further educational opportunities and the workforce. For students with disabilities, this can be accomplished with comprehensive advance planning for life after high school. The purpose of this handbook, Opening Doors to Employment, is to assist youth and their families to navigate through this planning process.

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Preparing Youth and Young Adults for Apprenticeship Programs

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), most recently reauthorized in 2004, requires the inclusion of transition services in an individualized education program (IEP) for students with disabilities by the time they reach their 16th birthday, or earlier if determined appropriate by the IEP team. The purpose of this document is to identify collaborative strategies states have implemented to address the needs of students with disabilities whose IEP transition services specify postsecondary career and technical education, vocational rehabilitation and/ or immediate employment upon departure from secondary school. Continue reading...


Teens on IEPs

Teens on IEPs: Making My "Transition" Services Work for Me

An IEP is an individual education plan written in public school for children ages 3 to 21 that by law, describes the special education goals and services for a student with an eligible disability. Special education involves different services that help the student in a way typical instruction may not. Transition services are plans with the IEP that address specific needs in relation to life after high school. Continue reading...


Understanding the role

Understanding the Role of Individual Learning Plans in Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities

This InfoBrief explains how schools and families can supplement the required Individualized Education Program (IEP) by using an optional Individual Learning Plan (ILP) as a tool to help youth successfully transition from high school to employment and post-secondary education. The Individual Learning Plan is a strategic tool intended to help youth identify and achieve post-secondary goals. The ILPs can be used to link a student’s career interests with the educational steps and subjects needed to enter that career. Continue reading...




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