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      February 11 2016 | Volume 21
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The Guideposts for Success: A Framework for Families Preparing Youth for Adulthood

Opening Doors to Employment

This lnfoBrief from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability, is an introduction to the Guideposts for Success, a set of resources to help youth as they transition from school to postsecondary activities, including further education and work. Resources include general information for families supporting young people making the transition as well as specific information about mental health needs, learning disabilities, and postsecondary education. This information will also be helpful to professionals seeking strategies to effectively partner with families, and to advocates looking to empower families in the transition process.

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Mental Illness and Mental Health in Adolescence

As any parent, youth worker, or young adult can verify, mental health in adolescence may be characterized by a roller coaster of emotional and psychological highs and lows. This fact sheet provides a very brief introduction to mental health with a focus on definition, assessment, and mental health disorders, then offers perspectives on the role youth development approaches may play in promoting positive positive mental health and protecting against mental health disorders. Continue reading...


Teens on IEPs

Adolescent Health Highlight: Access to Mental Health Care

Approximately one in five adolescents has a diagnosable mental health disorder, making these disorders one of the leading causing of disability among the age group. The Adolescent Health Highlight describes barriers to treating adolescent mental health disorders; discusses the connection between insurance status and access to mental health treatment; and explains funding for adolescent mental health services. Continue reading...


Successful Transition Models for Youth with Mental Health Needs

Successful Transition Models for Youth with Mental Health Needs: A Guide for Workforce Professionals

This InfoBrief from ODEP (Office of Disability Employment Policy), describes service barriers faced by youth with mental health needs as they reach adulthood, while highlighting new models and strategies designed to break down those barriers and help them to transition successfully into the workplace. Through thoughtful systems change at the local and state levels, and the adoption of promising new program models promoting collaborative networks for care more youth and young adults with mental health needs can become self-sufficient adults who experience personal and employment success Continue reading...



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