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      June 3 2016 | Volume 28
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Helping Youth Build Work Skills for Job Success:
Tips for Parents and Families

Helping Youth Build Work Skills for Job Success

This InfoBrief addresses the need for youth to acquire work skills and offers strategies parents and families can use to work with their youth to develop skills that lead to success on the job. This InfoBrief also includes information on how to incorporate work skill development into school documents, such as the Individualized Education Program and the Summary of Performance.

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Helping Youth Develop Soft Skills for Job Success

Helping Youth Develop Soft Skills for Job Success

This InforBrief discusses the importance of soft skills and offers strategies parents can use to help their child develop skills for employment success. Soft skills help youth succeed in life no matter what they are doing. Even though parents may not know this term, they will discover that they are familiar with these every day common sense skills that are important in all aspects of life. By improving these skills, a youth can enhance his or her social life, do better in postsecondary studies, and be more successful at finding and maintaining employment.

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Understanding the New Vision for Career Development

Understanding the New Vision for Career Development

This InforBrief introduces families, including families of youth with disabilities, to a new way of looking at career development for youth. This brief discusses the three phases of career development, highlights Individualized Learning Plans as a tool for facilitating the career development process, and offers strategies on how families can be involved. The process by which youth get to know their strengths and interests, learn how different jobs connect with those interests, and build these career planning and management skills is called career development.

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Successful Transition Models for Youth with Mental Health Needs

Engaging Youth in Work Experiences

Work experiences are a critical component of preparing youth for transition to adulthood. This innovative strategies practice brief provides practical examples and resources used by promising and exemplary youth programs engage youth in work experiences. The youth programs featured in this Brief have been recognized by NCWD as innovative strategies. NCWD/ Youth's innovative strategies features workforce development programs and practices that serve youth with disabilities, either as a target population or as part of the other youth population.

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