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How to Help Students Lead Their IEP Meetings


Student-led IEPs teach students to take ownership for their own education and to demonstrate that ownership at an annual IEP meeting. Some preliminary data shows that general educators are not very interested in self-advocacy or self-determination. To support student involvement, other students who have previously participated in student-led IEP meetings may model how to lead a meeting.

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Student-Led IEP Meetings: Planning and Implementation Strategies

Although self-determination in general and student-led IEPs in particular have received attention nationally, the extent to which students are leading their IEP meetings remains uncertain, and the rhetoric does not seem to match the reality of the majority of students with disabilities and their IEP meetings.

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Tips for Teens: Use your IEP Meetings to Learn How to Advocate for Yourself

Self-advocacy is a key step in becoming an adult. It means looking out for yourself, telling people what you need, and knowing how to take responsibility. Here is some great information from teens, for teens, that can start  you on your way.

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Student Focused Planning: NSTTAC's Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence based practices are a teaching method used to teach a specific skill that has been shown to be effective based on high-quality research. For example, student-focused planning - includes practices in the areas of IEP development, student participation in planning, and planning strategies. Evidence based practices can be used to support IEP goals and objectives.

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