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A Snapshot of Youth-Focused Technical Assistance Centers

A Snapshot of Youth-Focused Technical Assistance Centers

This link will lead you to a summary of five different National Youth-Focused Technical Assistance Centers, funded by USDOE's RSA, OSEP, and DOL's ODEP, and how they work together to provide technical assistance to states agencies serving transition age youth. The PowerPoint presentation describing the youth-focused technical assistance centers provides information on their services and the states they serve.

Also, please check out the resources below from other youth focused technical assistance transition centers.

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Anxiety in Adolescents with ASD

Think College:
Inclusive College Experience for Students with Disabilities

The University of Central Florida began planning for an inclusive college experience for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). John Kotter's eight-step change model describes a progression used by the planning team to build the inclusive experience. To achieve an inclusive college experience, The University of Central Florida is partnering with the Florida Department of Education's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and its Bureau of exceptional Education and Student Services.

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Student Action Plan Against Bullying

PACER Center:
What Youth Need to Know if They Are Questioned by Police

This resource sheet contains a brief summary of the rights of children if the police stop them or they are questioned by anyone regarding a criminal or formal complaint. Any information the youth shares can be used against them in court. In many states, a parent does not have to be present when a youth is questioned. The most important thing to remember is that the youth should not sign anything or answer questions without someone like a parent, guardian, or attorney present.

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Core Competencies for Youth Services Professionals

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability:
Core Competencies for Youth Services Professionals

The challenges facing youth who are disconnected from employment and education systems are expansive. Youth service professionals, including intake workers, case managers, job developers, teachers, transition coordinators, counselors, youth development group leaders, and independent living specialist, are often the first contact or "face" of the workforce development system. They play an important role in connecting all youth to workforce preparation, education, and training opportunities.

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