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A guide for promoting leadership skills in
youth with disabilities

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The Natural Supports Project staff interviewed 32 young adult leaders with disabilities ages from 18-30 to gather their perspectives on what makes someone a leader and to ask their advice on how to best support leadership development in youth with disabilities. This guide was developed to share their advice and strategies with families, school staff, and other adults who work with youth, and with youth with disabilities who want to develop their leadership skills.

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National Resource Center for Youth Development

National Resource Center for Youth Development: Youth Engagement

Youth are valuable participants in the planning and implementation of programs which affect them-after all, who knows what youth need than youth! Youth engagement teaches life skills, provides opportunities to practice those skills, and others a variety of leadership experiences. Young people need a variety of opportunities and meaningful roles to contribute to their world, through relationships with adults. Continue reading...


Public Speaking

Public Speaking: A Guide to Help Youth Prepare for Speaking Engagements

The purpose of this guide is to assist experienced youth leaders or supportive adults in preparing youth for speaking engagements. This can include trainings, youth panels, workshops, conference plenary sessions, etc. It is essential for all public speakers to have a good understanding of the audience to which they will be presenting. Begin by briefing the youth on the group requesting the presentation and exploring the youth’s general thoughts/experience on the subject. Continue reading...


Natural Supports

Natural Supports: Strategies for Developing Youth Leadership

Youth leadership development happens through shared experiences in which young people learn by doing. Unfortunately, youth with disabilities often are left out of youth leadership opportunities because of misconceptions about their disability, segregation in school and community settings, and lack of opportunities to share their experience and feelings. Continue reading...




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