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Welcome to the PROMISE TA Center Grantee Portal! The Grantee Portal SharePoint is a web-based system for accessing, editing, managing, and sharing collections of documents, as well as holding discussions with grantees staff. This password-protected shared web space creates a place for the PROMISE Model Demonstration Project Teams to access draft materials, events, and share information and ideas.

What is Grantee Portal

The PROMISE TA Center Grantee Portal uses SharePoint Foundation 2010 to provide a password-protected, secure, manageable, web-based collaborative environment.

The PROMISE TA Center SharePoint Grantee Portal can help your team team stay connected and can help you communicate and ask for advice from other PROMISE MDPs by providing easy access to the documents, help organize document libraries, participate in discussions, and connect grantees to one another.

SharePoint is designed to function most fully with Microsoft Office tools including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The SharePoint portal works best with the latest combination of tools: Internet Explorer, Office 2007/2010, and Windows operational systems.

Login Information

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PROMISE TA Center Grantee SharePoint Portal User Manual (1.4 MK)   Download


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